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Tamashîgoe Dojo

Martial Art & Culture association

In Tamashîgoe Dojo we train Aiki Jujutsu and  Iai Jutsu in the style of Shin Do Goshin Kai. People that study Shin Do Goshin Kai also study the official japanese schools Toyama Ryu Iai Battodo Renmei, Zen Nihon Battodo Renmei and Koryu Shibukawaichi Ryu Iai Jutsu.

We ad physical training and stretching to.  

Our trainings


For booking of test training text  0762060677 or 0733666802

All are welcome!


18-19 Advanced

19-21 Adults from 13 years Aiki Jujutsu and Iai Jutsu


18:00-19:30 MiniSamuraj 4-6 years/SamurajKids 7-12 years.

19:30-21:15 Adults from 13 years Aiki Jujutsu and Iai Jutus


Advanced 10-11

Adults from 13 years Aiki Jujutsu and Iai Jutsu 11-13

We are also going to do Tameshigiri that is cutting of rolled straw mats (Wara). We will try to do this every 6 weeks.  Obs! only for advanced adults

Seminar i Spanien
Seminar i Spanien
19 maj 2018 09:00
Tadaima Dojo Escola D'arts Marcials
Roligt och givande seminarium med den fantastiska Mästaren José Miranda Matéo samt andra Senseis. Här får vi lära oss om Shin Do Goshin Kai skolans Aiki Jujutsu, Nihon Jujutsu och Iai Jutsu. Det blir inte bara ett oförglömligt seminarium du får nya vänner och vidgade vyer!
In Tamashigôe Dojo at the moment we focus on:  

Aiki Jujutsu och Iai Jutsu that are two parts of the Shin Do Goshin Kai school

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