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Tamashîgoe Dojo


The association Tamashîgoe Dojo opened the doors in september 2017

We started the association to spread the  School Shin Do Goshin Kai and the parts Aiki jujutsu and Iai Jutsu in Sweden. 


Do you want to have fun, train and better you health all at once?

Our vision is to creat a comunity for people of al ages through Budo, where we train: condition, coordiantion, flexibilitry/movement, memory, strenght, disciplin, balance and techniques.  

Meet our members

Marianne Fuglevaag

Instructor 2 dan Aiki Jujutsu and 1 dan Iai Jutsu also with licencia to open  International Japan Kobudo Association Spain Shibu, Tamasîgoe Dojo,

President of IMAF Europe Swedan Branch


Train all life gives happyness and happyness we want to give others!

Linus Fuglevaag Herbozo

Passion for Japanese language and culture

Pernilla Andersson


Hard training is fun training!

Micael Fuglevaag

Passion for japanese swords technique

Lea Fuglevaag
Filip Lindgren hemsida.jpg
Filip Lindgren


Passion and engagement!

It has to be fun to train. 

Anita Bååt

Designer med mottot:

"It's not what comes out of your mouth that determindes your life, it's what you wisper to yourself that has the most power!" 

(Robert Kiyosaki)

Hunor Hemsidan.jpg
Hunor Kiss

Passion for Martial Art!

Eva Kanevret Lööf

Martial art, dance and effect makeup  is some of Leas interests!

From gymnastics to Aiki Jujutsu and Iaido "life is movment, life is wonderful!"

Nenne Fransson Widegren

The art of the Japanese sword really is my new passion. It waw'ed me!

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